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I always use Quiz Editor when I am waiting for a difficult test in school, I prepare questions and create a quiz that helps me to repeat the whole teaching material in a playful way again. I also share it with my friends who help me to improve it. I pass my tests so much easier ... Anna student who Quiz Editor helps to study

At our company, we use surveys for simple recons among employees, whenever we plan to create a business event, we create a survey through the Quiz Editor that tells us opinions of colleagues on such action very soon. Sandra project manager using Quizz Editor surveys

I am a successful blogger but to hold reader's interest is difficult. On my blog, I place quizzes next to articles so they brighten the content and trigger the discussion between users. Max blogger who uses the Quiz Editor on his blog

It is very complicated to spirit children away in an attractive way. Testing students by Quiz Editor and its attractive way to test if they paid attention during the class proved its worth. Now I'm their favourite teacher and they always look forward to new quiz. Monica teacher who tests her students by Quiz Editor

It already became a daily ritual, when we are boring at work, we just create a competitive quiz and share it among us. We can see who plays and with which score in a real time. At the end, everyone, who wishes, gets the result of competition via e-mail and he can also express an opinion in the comments. Your friends friends who are competing in quizzes to reach the best score

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