Are you feeling heart broken?

Is spending time with your friends one of your 3 top priorities in life?

Christmas is coming and therefore there's a lot of family time on the horizon. Do you like the idea?

You get a very erotic present from your partner. How do you react?

You've just won an important prize at the Casino. Do you continue playing right away?

Do you regularly donate for charity or volunteer?

Does driving bring out your angriest side?

7 a.m. Clock alarm ringing. Another 5 minutes?

Your superior tells you that your work could have been way better. How do you react?

Are you constantly thinking about eating?

Holiday time: what would you choose, a modern urban trip or a walk into wild nature?

Your neighbour shows up with something that you have been wanted to get for a long time. How do you react?

A new political party has been founded in your hometown. Which are your first thoughts?

Have you got (or would like to have) a pet?

Which is your ideal job?

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