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What do We think Justice is?

Questions 8

Is eye for eye an acceptable definition of justice?

Dworkin argued Sweatt's decision was unconstitutional, but saw DeFunis as acceptable. What do you think?

Sweatt - African American denied admission to University of Texas which only accepted white students, DeFunis - Jewish student denied admission to law school even though an affirmative action program would allow him admission had he been black or Filipino

Nozick argues a dominant association would arise from a state of nature, violating no one's rights. Do you agree with this idea?

Do you agree with Rawls' "the difference principle"? Should inequalities only be accepted if they make the worse off, better off?

Do you agree with the "rule of recognition"? Would you violate a law you perceive unjust?

You enter a room and you find your bf/gf holding a knife and a body laying beside them. Do you immediately report them to the police or try to understand?

You had a lit Sunday in SBC, you want to grab Sushi Counter but the offer does not work with Campus Dirhams. Is that justice?

Which school of though did you find yourself mostly in agreement with?