Technological Singularity

Do you think technological advances make life better for everyone?

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Technological advances make life better for everyone

Computer technology makes finding information faster and easier.

If people let machines do too much for them, eventually people will no longer be able to do things for themselves.

It is dangerous to place too much faith in technology.

Those who worry about the negative effects of technology should think about the modern conveniences available today.

Having the latest technology is important to success.

Adults too often use the computer games as a kind of babysitter for their children.

It is impossible to become addicted to the Internet.

Children should be given more freedom in deciding what they do online.

Children who play computer games often believe that the violent games they play portray life as it actually is.

Most teenagers are online too much.

It’s important for adults to find out where their children are going online and who they are talking

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