Let's see how much do you know about your team and let's see what the team thinks about you! Please tick the name of ALL the people you think the question applies to, including YOURSELVES. HAVE FUN!

Questions 50

With whom you would prefer to be stucked in an airport with?

Who has a pet?

Who would win a drinking contest?

Who collects items?

Who would you turn to for a restaurant recommendation?

Who would win a dancing contest?

Who has a nick name?

Who is the most adventurous?

Who would win an eating contest?

Who is a cat person?

Who would you trust the most to take care of your children?

Who is an early bird?

Who is a night owl?

Who is the most creative?

If all the colleagues would write a book about their lives, who's book would you buy?

Who would most likely pay for extra vacation days?

Who was a rebel teenager?

Who will make a good politician?

Who is the biggest Netflix user?

Who has been arrested?

Who prefers tea over coffee?

Who can fly a plane?

Who has a sweet tooth?

Who is a good cook?

Who you would rarely see in a sports outfit?

Who can catch/hunt/kill his/her own food?

Who is an avid reader?

Who is a meat person?

Who is a fish person?

Who has had a blog?

Who cannot change his/her bicycle tire?

Who would you trust with a map?

Who has the kindest spirit?

Who is a good tennis player?

Who would you always find sitting in the sun?

Who would enthusiastically wear a costume for a Halloween/carnival party??

Who you would see on a bicycle rather than a car?

Who was popular in high school?

Who speaks the most number of languages?

Who cries with movies?

Who plays an instrument?

Who has lived in more countries?

Who could win Survivor/The Robinson expedition?

Who is good with tools?

Who is an only child?

Who buys the lottery ?

Who is religious?

Who can keep a secret the longest?

Who can you rely on to make you smile?

Who hated filling these questions?

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