Biggest ego

Who is most likely to be single forever?

Who was the cutest as a baby?

Who is the ugliest kid today?

Who is the most likely to live on a farm?

Who’s the most psycho?

Who is the most likely to marry into the royal family or celebrity?

Most likely to have the most children?

Biggest rage

Most likely to watch porn as soon as they wake up?

Who takes the longest showers?

Who is going to live with mom and dad the longest?

Who is gonna ask mom to pay for their mortgage 🥴🥴

Who spends the most money

Who is the best drunk?

If you were pregnant who would you tell first?

If you commited a crime who would you tell?

Where do you want to go for the next vacation?

Who will take care of mom and dad when they are older

Who’s the smartest?

On the spectrum - pick all that apply

Biggest buzz kill - hmm

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