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Learning Styles Quiz - Find your learning style to help you study best

Select one answer you feel best suits you - there's no right or wrong answer - when your finished we can select the best exam and study tips for you

Questions 30

when operating new equipment for the first time I prefer to

When I need directions for travelling I usually:

When I cook a new dish, I like to:

If I am teaching someone something new, I tend to:

I tend to say:

During my free time I most enjoy:

When I go shopping for clothes, I tend to:

When I am choosing a holiday I usually:

If I was buying a new car, I would:

When I am learning a new skill, I am most comfortable:

If I am choosing food off a menu, I tend to:

When I listen to a band, I can’t help:

When I concentrate, I most often:

I choose household furnishings because I like:

My first memory is of:

When I am anxious, I:

I feel especially connected to other people because of:

When I have to revise for an exam, I generally:

If I am explaining to someone I tend to:

I really love:

Most of my free time is spent:

When I first contact a new person, I usually:

I first notice how people:

If I am angry, I tend to:

I find it easiest to remember:

I think that you can tell if someone is lying if:

When I meet an old friend:

I remember things best by:

If I have to complain about faulty goods, I am most comfortable:

I tend to say:

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