Author: Valerie Dut

How well do you know the birthday girl?

How well do you know Valerie??

Questions 18

Would she rather drink tea or coffee?

Is she better at cooking or baking?

What is her favorite color to wear?

What is her favorite lipstick color to wear?

Would she prefer traveling local or international?

What is her favorite hobby?

What is her favorite treat?

What is her best quality?

What name does her family and haitian friends call her as?

Would she rather have a dog or a cat as a pet?

What is her favorite beverage?

What is her first reaction when she doesnt understand an english saying?

What is her best skillset?

How many new ideas did she have in the past 3 years?

What is her favorite type of music for cardio?

What is her favorite favorite music for lifting weights?

What was her favorite subject in school?

What is her favorite gift to give to kids?

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