A quiz all about the cats who are our feline, furry friends.

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Napísané v jazyku: English

In what year was the first cat show organised?

In what year were cats first bought to Europe?

What is a group of kittens referred to as?

On average how many cats are eaten each year in Asia?

What is another name for a cats' hairball?

On average, what fraction of the day to cats spend sleeping?

What is another name for cats?

The Singapura is the smallest pedigree cat, what is their average weight?

What is another term for a male cat?

What animals to domesticated cats prey on?

What is interesting about how cats hunt?

What are cats associated with in literature and art?

What is odd about cats?

What are the little tufts of hair called inside a cat's ear?

What is strange about a cat's tongue?

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