One for the petrolheads - a quiz on everything connected to cars.

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Napísané v jazyku: English

The most popular color of car in the world is what?

The most productive car manufacturer in the world is?

The name of the lady that appears on the front of Rolls Royces is?

The nippy motor invented for city driving is the what?

The Prius is a model from which manufacturer?

The Renault car company originated in which country?

The tagline for which manufacturer was 'vorsprung durch technik'?

The wearing of what is compulsory in most countries?

To stop a car you would apply the what?

Toyota is an auto manufacturer from which country?

Volkswagen produced which iconic car?

What can you have attached to a BMW in South Africa to thwart carjackers?

What car can be 'stretched'?

What does the B stand for in BMW?

What gear should you be in when starting a car?

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