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News Quiz 6

Show us how much you know about what’s been going on in the news.

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MTV launches 24/7. What was the first song it played?

TV crews and news channels display live 24/7 feeds of what during the election of a new Pope?

In November 2001, the world changed with the introduction of which music device?

In what year did Whitney Houston sadly pass away?

Which number President was Bill Clinton?

Who did Barack Obama go up against in the 2012 American Election?

In what year was John Lennon shot dead in New York?

Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia win independence from USSR in which year?

Which original web browser was purchased by AOL in 1998?

The launch of which website on 15 January 2001 represented a fundamental shift in how people access information?

In what year was Maggie Thatcher first elected UK Prime Minister?

Which TV production company was responsible for creating the TV format Big Brother, that created the reality TV format?

In July 2000, which famous plane crashed?

In 1999, it was ruled that which US tech giant had a monopoly and was heavily fined as a result?

What nationality was infamous Drug Lord Pablo Escobar?

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