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Struggles and results in real time

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Selected features of competitions in real time

Friends online

In QuizEditor, you can always see who is currently playing competitive quiz and what is his progress. Changes in the results are automatically reflected at all connected users with no need to wait for refreshing of website.

Quiz competitions with friends

Have fun with knowledge quizzes together with your friends and compare your score in real time online. Creating an online competitive quiz takes only few seconds, it is very simple and you can play with your friends straight away.

E-mail notifications

Everyone who wishes, gets results of competition to the e-mail in summary table


Every competition includes a discussion forum where you can discuss your results with your friends

Real time score table

Score table is updated automatically everytime someone joins the competition


Share quiz challenge on your favourite social networks and invite more of your friends

How to create a quiz competition?

Creating a competitive quiz takes only a few seconds

Simply find a knowledge quiz that you consider interesting and click the button for creating.
In a few seconds you can create a quiz which can be shared with your friends and then you can compete them for the best score.

Play example quiz competition