Author: Mae Mandac


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Questions 25
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Difficulty Easy
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In the Gospel of Mark, how does the Virgin Mary learn of her pregnancy?

According to Paul’s formulation in 1 Corinthians, which is the greatest of the imperishable qualities?

Who is the high priest of Jerusalem who put Jesus on trial?

Which Gospel is written by a doctor?

FUN FACT: 'Batibot' originated from an old Tagalog word which means “small but strong.”

What miracle did Jesus perform at the marriage in Cana?

What does the word gospel mean?

Who wrote most of the books in the New Testament?

Which wood has been used by Noah to build the ark?

FUN FACT: Mall in the Philippines with the largest mall area

What did Jesus do for Lazarus?

What did the Holy Spirit look like when the disciples received it?

At the time of the census conducted by Moses in the first chapter of Numbers, which of the twelve tribes of Israel was the smallest?

What relation was Jacob to Abraham?

What is the LRT 2 station whose name is the Spanish word for purity?

One title of God is El Shaddai, which means what?

How many sons did Jacob (Israel) have?

What does Israel mean?

How were sins forgiven in the Old Testament?

FUN FACT: What pink bubble gum had free comic strips stuck to the gum?

Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament?

This prophet was swallowed by a fish.

What is the symbol of God’s promise to Noah?

What was the name of the Sea where Jesus calmed a storm?

Name that Movie: "Kasi ang totoo, umaasa pa rin akong sabihin mo: Sana ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit."

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