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Questions 20
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Difficulty Normal
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1) John was hurt _______ the ambulance rushed him to the hospital.

2) Janet: The bookstore is _______ the boutique. Let's walk up the stairs. Tommy :Alright.

3) All the students ______ the tuition centre at a quarter to five last Friday.

4) These books belong to me. They are _______.

5) Take the lift to the ground floor. The restaurant is _______ the gymnasium.

6) The owner of the shop hurried to the door and greeted the visitors __________.




10) That [wealthy] man is her hero. He saves her from drowning. Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the [] word.

11) Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.





16) How many siblings does Cheng Gao have?

17) Cheng Gao's father worked as a _______ when. He passed away.

18) The word [aspires] in the passage means _______.

19) What does Cheng Gao do when his mother is at work?

20) From the passage, we know that Che Cheng Gao ______________.

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