World War II. Quiz 10

If you're a World War II history buff, prove your knowledge here.

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In what year was US General Eisenhower appointed Supreme Allied Commander in Europe?

In which city was the formal surrender of all German forces accepted by the Allies?

In which country was Rudolf Hess captured by Allied Forces in May 1941?

In which country was the formal surrender of all German forces accepted by the Allies?

In which country were the majority of the Nazi extermination camps during WWII?

In World War II Adolph Hitler arranged for the French surrender to take place where?

In World War II Operation Sea Lion was Adolph Hitler's plan to invade which country?

In World War II what type of ship was Germany's Admiral Graf Spee?

In World War II what type of ships were Germany's Gneisenau and Scharnhorst?

In World War II, what where the V1 and V2?

In WW II, What was the main discussion point at the Tehran Conference?

Italy declared war on Germany In what year?

Mussolini was arrested and relieved from office In what year?

Neville Chamberlain resigned as UK Prime Minister In what year?

On the day Winston Churchill became Prime Minister Britain invaded which country?

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