World War II. Quiz 8

Do you really know what went on in World War II? Prove it here.

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After the Japanese surrender, on which date was there a worldwide celebration of V-J Day?

After the Japanese surrender, who took command of the Japanese Government?

America's top secret Manhattan Project actually began In what year?

At which WWII Conference did the allies set the terms of the Japanese surrender?

Because Churchill lost the British General Election in July 1945, who replaced him at Potsdam

Britain declared war on Nazi Germany In what year?

Churchill's War Bunker was beneath which government building in London

During World War II The Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) was made Governor of where?

During World War II the German cruiser Graf Spee was scuttled outside which harbour?

During World War II what did British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's 'V' sign symbolize?

For how many years did World War II last?

Franklin D Roosevelt died suddenly in which month of 1945?

Germany launched the first V1 Flying Rockets at Britain In what year?

Greenland was occupied by which country in April 1941?

How many Sullivan Brothers were killed when the USS Juneau was sunk during the Battle of Guadalcanal?

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