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WUFT's The Point news quiz for Jan. 17, 2020

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By what margin did a group of appeals court judges decide in favor of upholding Corrine Brown's five-year prison sentence?

Photo description: More than two years after her federal conviction on corruption charges, the ex-congresswoman's name continues to grace the City of Gainesville transit facility. (Courtesy of City of Gainesville)

True or false: Monday's teacher rally at the Capitol was so large that Tallahassee police had to close two roads.

Photo caption: Angelina Gallesi-Schmitt, a world language teacher at Suncoast High School, demands increased funding for public education at the “Take on Tallahasse” rally Monday, Jan. 13, 2020 in Tallahassee, Fla. The crowd holds up signs reading “Fund Our Future,” the day’s motto, in response. (Cheyce Batchelor/Fresh Take Florida)

What two colleges were the UF faculty members who were found to have ties with foreign recruitment programs from? (Choose two answers)

True or false: Florida voters will get to decide this year whether to make recreational marijuana legal.

A woman harvests marijuana plants at a dispensary. (Photo by Andrea Porziella, Public Domain)

Thousands of families with Florida Prepaid college tuition savings will soon be getting money back. What did Gov. Ron DeSantis credit this refund to?

(Photo via Gov. Ron DeSantis Twitter Page)

True or False: Former Mrs. Florida Karyn Turk was sentenced to six months in prison for stealing her elderly mother's SSI checks.

Photo taken by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Which of these did Gov. Ron DeSantis did NOT say is a top priority for this year's legislative session?

Photo taken by Steve Cannon/AP Photo

What minimum grade does Evergreen Elementary need to receive this summer to remain part of the local school district?

Photo by Tobie Perkins/WUFT News

Alachua County's overall recycling rate is the ___________ -highest in the state.

Photo taken by Brittney Miller/WUFT News

True or False: Gainesville City Commissioners will discuss a potential 30-year contract between GRU and FPL during its Thursday meeting.

WUFT News file photo

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