World War II. Quiz 7

Do you know your World War 2 Spitfire from your Messerschmitt?

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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On which date in 1945 did Germany unconditionally surrender to the Allies?

On which date in 1945 was the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

On which date in 1945 was the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki?

Operation Typhoon was the codename for Germany's all-out offence against which city?

Paris was liberated in which month in 1944?

The Battle of Britain began In what year?

The Battle of Midway occurred in which month in 1942?

The Battle of Monte Cassino took place in which country?

The D-Day landings in Normandy took place on which date in 1944?

The Dumbarton Oaks Conference in Washington DC in 1944 paved the way for the formation of which organization?

The first 'Thousand Bomber Raid' in May 1942 was targeted against which German city?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour took place in December of which year?

The Japanese Instrument of Surrender was signed aboard which ship?

The Japanese surrender was signed on a ship in which city?

The people of which island were awarded the George Cross by King George VI?

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