World War II. Quiz 4

Prove your expert knowledge of everything which went on during WW2.

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Questions 14
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Difficulty Easy
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Which Soviet general led the West Front counterattack against Germany?

What were the V1 and V2?

U-boat was the code name for a type of:

How did the U.S. officially enter World War II and specifically with Germany?

Which Japanese city was the atomic bomb first dropped on?

Admiral Yamamoto died following what?

What was Admiral Yamamoto's first name?

Which country instigated the conflict in North Africa?

Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere was propaganda from which country?

Who was the leader of the Soviet Union during the war?

What is the exact date of D-Day?

What was the codename for the Japanese suicide attacks?

What was the name the Americans used for the Japanese torpedo bomber?

The US Army planned to invade which Japanese island in Nov 1945?

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