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Guest: I think I forgot my luggage in the lobby. Receptionist: Please wait here. I____________ask someone to carry it to your room.

Martin: This is the second time I have called you about the TV which doesn't work properly. Receptionist: Sorry Sir! We've already informed the technicians of the problem. They______ come upstairs to fix it soon.

Sam: Have you arranged the accommodation for our guest? Chris: I am terribly sorry. I completely forgot about it. I__________do it now.

Travel Agent: Could you tell me the flight number and the arrival time of Mr. Duncan? Secretary: Hold on a second, please! I__________give you this information after checking his flight ticket.

The weatherman says it________rain after Sunday.

Our housekeeper has worked all day long. She must be very tired. In fact, she looks as if she_______pass out.

LAURA: What are you doing this weekend, Jan? TANYA: I ___________a new play tomorrow at the Royal Court theater.

Be careful! That tree_______ fall.

It was nice to talk to you. I _____phone you again tomorrow.

Bye for now. Perhaps I _____ see you later.

The English test_____be on June 7th.

I hope we_________have any more trouble with the neighbor's dog.

Jim’s tired so he __________ go to bed early tonight.

Jane__________have a baby in the summer.

Bye! I______be back!

I'm all dressed up in my new football kit because I______play today.

I_______see you sometime this evening.

I_______have dinner with you because I booked a table for two.

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