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Vessel preparation


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What are the indications for the JETSTREAM atherectomy?

What is correct about the JETSTREAM mechanism of action?

What is correct about the JETSTREAM design?

What is the tip diameter of the JETSTREAM 1.6 SC in “blades up mode”?

What is the amount of Heparin added to a 1000ml JETSTREAM saline supply bag?

Your physician is using the JETSTREAM XC 2.4mm/3.4mm catheter. He asks you the minimum vessel size for blades down and for blades up. What is your response?

Is the JETSTREAM indicated for in-stent restenosis?

What is true about in-stent restenosis (ISR)?

Debulking with JETSTREAM Atherectomy System yielded impressive reductions in visual diameter stenosis, even before adjunctive therapy controlled with IVUS.

What is correct about JET Registry?

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