US presidents Quiz 2

Show your knowledge of the various US Presidents who have occupied the Wihte House over the years.

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Before being elected president - Barack Obama was a US Senator representing which US state?

Before being elected president - Bill Clinton was governor of which US state?

How many Electoral College votes must be a candidate win in an election in order to become president?

Presidential Inaugurations are usually carried out on the steps of which building?

Since 1933, presidential inaugurations have traditionally taken place on which date?

What is the length of a single full term of office for a US president?

What is the maximum number of Electoral College votes available in a US presidential? election?

What is the minimum age requirement for a candidate to become president of the USA?

What is the name of the presidential retreat, located in Maryland?

Which former US President has twin daughters called Jenna and Barbara?

Which of these was the second president of the United States?

Which official traditionally administers the oath of office to the president on Inauguration Day?

Who immediately preceded Barack Obama as US President?

Who succeeded John F Kennedy as President of the United States?

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