Author: Jeany Kim

Travel Buddy Compatibility Test

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Do you know each other?

Are you guys even socially compatible?

Do you guys want to do similar things there?

Do you have similar things on your lists?

Do you guys plan to stay together for the whole trip?

Everyone has their own agenda- so many things to do in so little time. Are you guys okay with compromising or do you need to do everything on your list?

Are you guys on the same page in terms of budget?

Whether that's food, housing, transportation, activities, etc. Are you guys willing to spend around the same amount?

If you could both splurge on one thing, is it on the same thing?

No matter what my quiz says, are you still willing to travel with this person?

After considering these questions, if your gut still says to travel with this person, then why not just do it? (No, you're not allowed to come complaining to me if it doesn't work out)

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