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TIMS Islamic Studies QUIZ - Level 2 (6 - 9 years old students)

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Knowledge quiz
Questions 25
Criteria 80% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Islam is based on _______pillars

As Shahada means -

Muslim prays

Hajj means -

Zakah should be paid by

Fasting in the month of the Ramdan is __________.

One of the pillars of Islam is _________.

Arabic word for _______is masjid.

Call for prayer is___________

Mihrab in masjid shows _______.

Qiblah is the direction in which muslims___________.

Enter the masjid with______foot first.

A person who called the adhan is called as__________.

Water taps in masjid are for _________.

It is ok to throw bits of papers in masjid.

If you face the mihrab you will be facing the qiblah.

Muaddhin calls out the adhan ____times a day.

Adhan reminds the muslims that it is time for ________.

When you hear adhan you should __________

Second pillar of Islam is __________.

Fard is an arabic word which means________.

Dhuhr is the _____________prayer.

Isha prayer has_________rakahs

The position is shown in the picture is _______.

What is the boy doin in the picture?

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