Author: Marli

The World is your Oyster

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Questions 17
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Difficulty Hard
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Which country created a low in 1910 to forbide couples from kissing on train platforms to avoid delayed departures?

Where is the highest postoffice in the world?

which country there are more UNESCO heritage sites?

Where is the highest paved road?

What is the % that Spain production of Oliva oil represents in the world?

How many lakes there are in Switzeland?

Which is the least obese country in EU?

How many types of cheese there are in France?

Where is the biggest African city outside Africa?

Which country there is the largest volunteer ambulance service in the world?

produces over half the world’s footballs

Where is the largest river in the world?

Which of these countries has between 1.5 and 2.5 million japanese descendent popolutation?

HO many types of traditional deserts there are in India?

Which country has the largest sundial in the world?

How many people have the name John Smith in England?

What is true about uk?

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