The Wizard of Oz

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How many writers were involved in scripting and active consultation for MGM's THE WIZARD OF OZ film?

What did Professor Marvel never return to Dorothy?

What was used to create the spark effect that blazed from Dorothy's shoes when the Wicked Witch attempted to remove them?

Per studio publicity, how many artificial flowers were used to cover the poppy field set?

Who wanted to make a Wizard of Oz movie musical, and who was to head the cast?

Who was first considered for the role of the Lion?

What did MGM filmmakers use to create the Tin Man's oil?

To which character did Adriana Caselotti give voice in MGM's The Wizard of Oz?

By how much did MGM's The Wizard of Oz exceed it's budget?

What MGM movie Munchkins might be seen as a musical echo of which Disney character?

Where was the initial melody of "Over the Rainbow" originally composed?

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