The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln fights zombies in The Walking Dead so show us what you know.

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Which character appeared in a Time Warner Cable ad during Super Bowl XLVII?

CDC doctor Edwin Jenner refers to Edwin Jenner who developed a vaccine for what?

What flower is a sign to Daryl that Carol is still alive in Season 2?

What network passed on "The Walking Dead" because they thought it was too violent?

What part did actor Norman Reedus originally audition for on "The Walking Dead"?

Whose stunt double is actually a woman named Ashley?

What kind of illicit substance does Daryl find that gives a nod to another show?

What character's actor is really British, even though they speak on TV with an American accent?

Instead of a prison in Season 3, an earlier draft had the survivors holed up in what?

Who had a SWAT team called on him while shooting from a roof during shooting?

What is T-Dog's real first name?

What inappropriate name did Daryl call Glen while looking for the bag of guns?

What is Glenn's ethnicity?

What keepsake did Hershel give to Glenn?

What car does Glenn steal to lure the walkers away?

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