The Super Sociology Quiz 1

Let's see if you paid attention in Sociology class !

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Era of industrialisation and urbanisation that followed the period of the Enlightenment. It is consequently characterised by rational thinking of science and technology.

Something built or created by society, for example childhood.

External and measurable structural factors that can have a real impact on individuals. Term originally associated with Durkheim to refer to features of objective reality.

Micro-sociological approach developed by Alfred Schütz and Edmund Husserl. It explains human behaviour through the interpretation of the meanings that lie behind individual actions. It is often referred to as interpretivism.

Scientific approach to collecting data that is centred on the collection of objective facts.

Theoretical approach that explains human behaviour through the interpretation of the meanings that lie behind individual actions. It is closely associated with interactionism.

German word that translates as ‘understand’. In sociological terms, Weber used it in the context of researchers putting themselves in the shoes of the people they were studying.

A small-scale approach associated with the interpretive/ interactionist perspective, where the focus is on the individual rather than the wider social structures.

Term for sociological perspectives where the starting point to understanding human behaviour lies with an analysis of individual motivations, actions and meanings.

He challenged the positivist approach when he pointed out that sociology’s subject matter was not the same as that of the natural sciences.

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