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What is the full form of RERA ?

What is the full form of MAHA- RERA?

The maximum jail term for a developer who violates the order of the appellate tribunal of the RERA is :

When did registrations for RERA start in the country?

According to the Act, under construction projects above how much land area in Square Meters need to register with RERA?

It is mandatory for a other-state RERA-Registered Real Estate Agent to register again under MAHA Rera if he/she wants to provide service in Maharashtra.

According to RERA, what are the guidelines to builders for maintaining a separate Escrow account for Project :

A Real estate agent, after getting RERA certificate under Maha RERA can operate throughout the country

For how long will the RERA Certificate of a Real Estate Agent be valid for ?

In Maharashtra State , Projects that are under Gram Panchyat will also fall under the Jurisdiction of MahaRera

A project with only 6 units and area of 510 Sq.Mt does not require to be registerd under MahaRera

Other then covered and Garage parking areas, Open space marked as Parking can also sold by developer :

Defect.liability period defined under RERA is valid for :

A case can be filed in civil court against the promoter if RERA fails to address the concern of buyer.

What is time limit for the promoter for formation of society or any other legal entity of home buyers

If Buyer is ready to pay 50% payment upfront with written undertaking, he can do the registration at the time of posession also.

Rules of Maha Rera is not applicable For Foreign brokers and advertisement outside India

Agent is authorized to sign on behalf of Promoter if he is Registerd under MahaRera and his name is reflecting under authorized agents under project's RERA page..

An Agent who is only involved in facilitating sale/Purchase of Resale/Secondary markt properties does not require RERA regsitration.

Any existing Client,referring others for buying in any project of the developer will be treated as Real estate agents :

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