The Quiz of Me

Knowledge quiz
Questions 24
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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When is my birthday?

What is my middle name?

What is my Zodiac Sign?

This is title

How many siblings do each of my parents have?

What street(s) did I grow up on?

What was the name of my primary school?

What was the name of my High School?

Which of the following acts of TERRORISM did I do as a child?

What do my parents do for a living?

How long have I been in a relationship?

Which brother is oldest?

Who is my favourite Tik Tok(k?)er?

What was the name of my first pet?

What is my favourite ice cream flavour?

What is my least favourite shop in the world?

How do I like my tea?

Where did I have my first lesbian kiss?

What are 3 things I like most about you?

What is my favourite holiday?

Who do I share a birthday with?

This is title

What is my go-to swear word when something hurts me? (i.e. stub a toe)

What is my favourite franchise?

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