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It was a year of many resignations. But who was the first Cabinet minister to quit the Government in 2018?

Who came under fire in January after it was revealed they had said Britain could drown “in a vast sea of unemployed wasters" unless the jobless had fewer children?

Brexiteers took to the water in March to protest against EU fisheries policies. But what happened to the Fishing for Leave protest led by Jacob-Rees Mogg?

Britain was stunned after an audacious attack on the streets of Salisbury left a former Russian spy in hospital. But who said Labour MPs should "step back" from appearing on the Russia Today news channel?

What constitutes a ‘Dom Raab special’, the meal purchased every day from Pret A Manger by Conservative Dominic Raab according to an April story in the Mirror?

Which hard-as-nails daytime TV favourite “terminated” an interview with Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson in May after he repeatedly refused to answer a question?

How many seats did Labour gain in May's local elections?

And how many seats did the Conservatives lose?

There were quite a few CRUNCH COMMONS SHOWDOWNS over Brexit this year. How many MPs voted to back the EU Withdrawal Bill in June - in what Theresa May hailed as a “crucial step” forward for Brexit?

Which politician was branded a “weasel” in June after reportedly threatening to “break” Theresa May?

Who won the 2018 Lewisham East by-election?

Which group was described as a “huge success” after shutting down less than two months after its official launch?

Who missed a crucial Commons Brexit vote in July because they were having a “confidential political meeting on relevant subjects”?

Who accused The Sun of peddling “fake news” over a front page story the paper ran in July?

Which fledging centrist party promising to "break the Westminster mould" suffered a split in August when one of its founders decided to break away and set up another group?

Which Labour frontbencher warned in August that a second Brexit referendum could give “succour to the extreme right”?

How many MPs will there be in the UK if ministers press ahead with plans put forward by the Boundary Commission in September?

Who triggered a sectarian row at Labour’s annual conference in September when they asked a female delegate if she had "crossed herself" after calling her to take part in a debate?

Who described Theresa May’s government as a “shit-show” in a no-holds-barred October interview with the House magazine?

Who made headlines in October by describing far-right activist Tommy Robinson as a “loathsome, obnoxious, repellent individual”?

Who told journalists in October that they still “long for a united Ireland”?

Who warned in October that the Government’s Universal Credit welfare shake-up could prompt a “a return to poll tax-style chaos in a summer of discontent”?

Who described Theresa May’s Brexit plan as a “half-way house” that would leave Britain bound up in “the shackles of the EU” in an excoriating resignation letter sent in November?

Who said in November that they had only backed holding the 2016 Brexit referendum because they thought Remain would win?

Which Labour MP was booted out of the Commons in December for seizing the ceremonial mace in protest at Theresa May’s decision to pull the planned vote on her Brexit deal?

Who warned in December that a chaotic no-deal Brexit could see bodies going unburied?

Which of the following is Environment Secretary Michael Gove NOT threatening to ban in 2019?

Which of these was not a PoliticsHome headline in 2018?

What did Jeremy Corbyn mutter just before the Christmas break?

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