Author: Anamika Shah

The Phobia Quiz

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Questions 10
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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1. If you fear anything new, which phobia is operating according to you?

2. We all have that one friend, who gets genuinely scared with even the mention of a ghost story night, or horror movie night out. Maybe they suffer from:

3. What phobia is that one grown-up, who refuses to take injections or touch anything sharp, suffering from?

4. Any decision-making situation causes the person so much distress, that it seems irrational. They are likely to be suffering from:

5. A person suffers from an irrational fear of their own home and surroundings. They are suffering from:

6. People who have an irrational fear about hearing any good news first, have a condition that can be called:

7. If someone fears any form of fire, so irrationally that it affects their daily living, they maybe suffering from:

8. When someone irrationally fears thunder and lightning, so much so that they can't function effectively, they might have:

9. Someone who fears going to sleep, because they get terrible nightmares that even start affecting their daily living, may be suffering from:

10. A friend who fears dogs so much, that they turn around and go a mile after they see a dog, are likely to have:

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