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The Hardest Quiz about The Office US - Part 1

You got 100% to all online quizzes about The Office US you found on the Internet? Try these ones and check if you REALLY are a real Office Ultimate Fan. (Includes extended clips)

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Questions 25
Criteria 95% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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What is the greatest danger facing Dunder Mifflin according to Dwight?

What is the name of the strip club Michael refers Jim to?

Who says: 'Hey guys, somebody's making soup?'

What temperature does Oscar like the thermostat to be set at?

Who recruited Michael for a pyramid scheme?

What word does Andy use to describe his calves?

What was Michael's corporate retreat's theme the year before Booze Cruise?

What is Dwight's alleged dentist name?

Who says this to whom: 'OK well the next time that you get scared that you think a murderer is in your apartment in the middle of the night and you call me to calm you down, you can just call somebody else because I'm not going to do it anymore.'

Who is Mose talking to when he says: 'My name is Mose, buddy.'

Who is allergic to mushrooms?

What does Michael see to say: 'That's why people are leaving!'

Which 2 characters sang Little Drummer Boy?

How many copies of Michael's diary were made?

Who said: 'He is not your relationship boss.'

What is Dwight's all time favourite movie?

What genre is Gabe's homemade movie?

What answer does Angela give Jim when he asks her: 'Burger? Dog? Having fun?'

Who says: 'The handicapped get a raw deal.'

What side of the face does Jake have a tattoo on?

In what episode does Jan say to Michael: 'I guess I missed you.'

What is Michael's hotel room number at the convention?

What does Michael think Hannah's left breast's photograph is at first glance?

In Darryl's song for Dunder Mifflin's advert, what is the order of the names mentioned?

What is Dwight removing from the kitchen after Phyllis got flashed?

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