Author: Anamika Shah

The GST Quiz

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Questions 19
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Difficulty Hard
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1. What percent tax is levied on tissues as per the GST?

2. As per the newly levied GST, weighing machines (electrical and nonelectrical) have been taxed at:

3. The aids for visual and hearing impaired are taxed at:

5. Despite GoT Season 7, some people may still feel the heat as ice and snow are taxed at:

6. Chalk fights are now a thing of the past, but the nostalgia comes back even when you hear that chalk is now taxed at:

7. If oats were something you planned on consuming as a part of an ongoing diet, it may be time to reconsider the option- as oats are now taxed at:

8. Contributing to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in a very subtle way, the Katha (famous for colouring the walls of India) is now taxed at:

9. Winning a lottery was never easy but now, it's even more complicated. The tax levied on state run lotteries is:

10. Your love for cheese may still prevent you from ordering anything with extra cheese on the Menu. It's all about priorities. The tax on cheese is now:

11. The GST is definitely taking into account a lot more services and goods than Indians thought it would. Baby carriages and it's parts are now taxed at:

12. Computers (not exceeding 17 inches) are now taxed at:

13. Communication devices (walkie talkies and mobile phones that serve the same purpose albeit in different conditions) are taxed at:

14. After TV actors warned you to install a set-top box in those advertisements, now the strategy has seen a little change. Set-top boxes are taxed at:

15. Beating the summer heat with ice-creams and fruit pulp based drinks may no longer be a viable choice, as they are taxed at:

16. Where alternate fuels is an option that everyone in the world needs to consider, bio-gas and steam are taxed at:

17. Almost every child's incessant demand- chocolates, are now taxed at:

18. It's somehow ironic that a majority of face care products are taxed at the same rate as shoe-polish. Shoe-polish being taxed at:

19. Diabetes patients need to take note that insulin is now taxed at:

20. To all those who still prefer hair oil over conditioners need to take note that hair oil is taxed at:

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