The Globe: WW1 and WW2

People often tend to show their knowledge about the world and its history so we The Times have brought you this quiz of WW1 and WW2

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Questions 24
Criteria 65% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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When did WW1 begin?

Who were the members of Central Powers?

Gavrilo Princip assassinated whom?

What was the name of Coalition consisting of France, Russian Empire,Britain?

When did Trench warfare started in WW1?

Name the pact or treaty that was signed by France and Britain in 1916

Who was the Leader of Germany During WW1?

Which of the following was not the part of Triple Alliance

Russia Pulled out of WW1 after which treaty?

When did WW1 ended?


Which of the Following is not a Nazi?

When did WW2 begin?

Who was the leader of China in WW2

Name the Pact signed between Italy and Germany in 1939?

Which pact was signed between Italy,Germany,Japan in 1940?

Which term was Invented by Mussolini?

Which President allowed Nuclear attack on Hiroshima?

Name of the Operation in which Germany Invaded USSR.

When did the Pearl Harbor Incident happened?

When did WW2 ended?

Bonus Questions

When did Adolf Hitler died?

When did Benito Mussolini died ?

When did Japan Surrendered?

When did President Roosevelt died?

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