Author: Anamika Shah

The Economics of Batman

Knowledge quiz
Questions 10
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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1. The creation of the Bat Cave by Batman entails:

2. The recurring presence of super villains in Gotham is indicative of systemic crime. This implies that in Gotham:

3. Two ferries- One with innocent citizens the other with convicts- are provided with a detonator for the other boat. This is an example of:

4. Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred Pennyworth says “Some men just want to watch the world burn”. Which system of political economy does this line indicate?

5. “...You’re all going to wonder how you thought you could live so large & leave so little for the rest of us” This indicates that Gotham is plagued by:

6. Which of the following economic phenomenon contributed significantly to the wealth of Wayne Enterprises?

7. Wayne Enterprises invests in many social enterprises and social innovations. This is an act of:

8. In Dark Knight Rises, after Bane reveals the truth behind Harvey Dent’s death, the wealthy have their property expropriated. This is indicative of:

9. Batman incurs a private cost in fighting crime in Gotham. The citizens reap the benefits without contributing to the same. This is an example of:

10. Bane destroys the bridges connecting Gotham city to the rest of the world and denies humanitarian aid for the citizens. He turns Gotham into:

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