Author: omer meshar

Back to the future Quiz, Hackathon 2018

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Questions 11
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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What was the innovative feature in the 2015 Nike shoes?

When was the first (carrying load) hoverboard demonstrated?

How many times did Marty leave 1955?

What was the innovative song Marty played in his mother's prom?

Which of these did not appear in the movie?

Which of these appeared in the movie?

Which of these products have nothing to do with the movie?

What was advertised by a futuristic hologram at the year 2015?

What character from the future did Marty play?

What kind of futuristic tool does Marty bring back from the future to convince George to ask Lorraine to the dance?

Which technology in the movie had voice recognition interface?

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