Technology Quiz 9

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What disease is commonly known as lockjaw?

Which arcade game was launched in 1981?

What type of acid is used in car batteries?

When was the term 'cyberspace' first coined?

What is the white trail behind a jet plane made from?

When was the computer 'mouse' first named?

What term describes steel protected by a covering of zinc?

You'll often see the file extension '.jpeg' on an image file. What does the 'E' stand for?

What colour is the black box carried in an aircraft?

Which of these computer file extensions indicates that data has been compressed?

Which programming language was named after a type of coffee?

Who laid the world's first telegraph cable in 1842?

What does the inhaler 'Le Whif' replicate the positive sensations of what with none of the unwanted effects?

Who invented bifocals?

Which anniversary of Apple's first computer, the Macintosh, was marked in 2009?

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