Technology Quiz 7

Do your friends ask for your advice on technology? This is the quiz for you if they do.

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Which of these might you find in a computer?

What do you get if you mix cement and gravel?

Which company sold the first disposable razors?

What sort of vehicle is a turbo-prop?

The first Apple Mac hard drive had how many megabytes?

Which helicopter is named after a wind?

What's the name of the teenage girl Tamagotchi-like electronic games produced by Mattel?

Which of these is the popular strategic life-simulation computer game?

In which computer game series do the titles Riven, Revelation and End of Ages feature?

Which of these is NOT a Microsoft product?

Which of these file extensions denotes a compressed image?

Which of these is NOT part of a standard PC?

Which of these liquids is used in a car battery?

On a standard computer keyboard, which is the only vowel NOT in the top row of letters?

Which of these came first?

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