Technology Quiz 6

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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Which of these is a computer operating system?

Jack Kilby invented which important piece of technology in 1958?

Which creature might you associate with a computer?

What was the nickname of the Hughes H4 Hercules flying boat?

Which ship can be seen in Portsmouth?

What colour are New York taxi cabs?

Which French scientist's name is given to the SI unit of pressure?

In Canada in 2007, a computer program was designed that could beat any opponent at which game?

In which year was the first integrated circuit board made?

On Facebook, what name is given to the feature which allows users to attract the attention of each other?

What is the name of Microsoft's flagship word processing software?

What is the term for the engineering science and technology of robots?

Which of these is a computing term?

On a computer keyboard, which of these temporarily acts as 'caps lock' when used with letters?

The 'abacus' was an early form of which sophisticated scientific tool?

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