Technology Quiz 5

Technology is about evolving. Are you? Take this test.

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Which piece of computer hardware connects the computer to the telephone system?

What's the name of the co-founder of Microsoft who finished his work at the company in 2008?

Which piece of computer hardware can be laser, dot-matrix or inkjet amongst other types?

Which of these is a Microsoft tool designed to make a task such as installing new hardware easier for the end user?

Which of these is NOT part of the acronym EPROM?

What was the first email ever sent?

Which internet phenomenon was founded by Mark Zuckerberg?

Used to describe phones that can access the internet, what does the 'W' stand for in the acronym 'WAP'?

Which of these has been around the longest?

Which of these words does the letter S represent in the mobile phone acronym SIM?

Which piece of technology was nearly called the 'Mini rack' when it was first launched?

A CAT scan produces cross-sectional images of your body, but what does the T stand for?

Which online phenomenon celebrated its 5th birthday at the start of 2009?

In 2009, what did Microsoft reveal was the chief content of Spam emails?

What is the square root of 400?

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