Technology Quiz 4

Are you the type of person who keeps up with developments in technology? Give this quiz a shot and find out.

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In which county is the Sizewell nuclear plant?

Who launched the Internet Browser 'Chrome' in 2009?

What's the name of the spreadsheet package produced by Microsoft?

Which of these items may need 'degaussing' from time to time?

In what year was eBay founded?

Which computer giant, for the first time in 23 years, saw a dip in quarterly sales at the start of 2009?

What was the name of the game that Apple had to remove from iTunes in 2009 following a public outcry?

What's the name of the on screen presentation package produced by Microsoft?

Microsoft launched Vista, its new operating system at the start of 2007. What was its original codename?

Which of these announced its intention to go 'green' in 2009, cutting its energy usage by 40% per year?

Eric Schmidt served as CEO of which company from 2001-2011?

What does the computer abbreviation 'LAN' stand for?

Which of these abbreviations do you associate with downloaded music?

Who, in 2009, claimed the 'current days of the internet will soon be over'?

Which generation of iPod Nano was released in September 2008?

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