Technology Quiz 3

Are you an expert who always has the latest in technology? Answer these questions and find out.

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In which year was the computer game The Sims first released?

Which of these household appliances relies on radio waves to make it work?

Which of these is a computing term meaning 'browsing the web'?

Which of these is NOT something you might connect to your PC?

Which of these technological innovations came about most recently?

What kind of acid is usually used in a car battery?

In which decade did Sinclair pocket calculators first appear?

Which of these is a keyboard that is laid out so as to minimise finger movement?

In computer terminology, what does the B stand for in COBOL?

Which of these computer phenomena first appeared in 1978?

First appearing in the 1990s, what colour was the Nintendo Game Boy?

In computer terminology, what is 'I/O'?

Which company manufactures the Aesthetic World Visions software program?

Which devices are most associated with the brands Ricoh, Savin and Lanier?

Which edition of Windows software was launched in 2009?

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