Technology Quiz 2

Are you a tech pro or a technophobe? Test yourself here.

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Which of these terms is used for the process of optimizing the storage of data on a computer's hard drive?

The largest machine in the world is found in Cheshire in England. What does it do?

What sort of computer file is one that has the extension .xls?

What type of computer file is one that has the extension .gif?

Which Harvard dropout founded a software company in 1975 that revolutionized the computer industry?

What is LYCOS?

Which company became a well-known brand in 1991 when it started shipping its computer hardware in cow-spotted boxes?

Which search engine became popular through its instant messaging in 1997?

Which company developed and published 'Photoshop'?

Which company develops the Pentium brand microprocessor?

Which company develops the web browser titled 'Chrome'?

What is Microsoft's business productivity suite is commonly called?

In the beginning moment of what year was the infamous 'Y2K' glitch supposed to happen?

What is a text string stored by a user's web browser commonly called?

What is an 'ISP'?

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