Technology Quiz 13

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When Facebook celebrated its 5th birthday in 2009, How many users did it have?

In September 2008, which company unveiled its fourth generation iPod Nano?

Where would an 'EFTPOS' machine be used?

When was Super Mario launched?

Which of these are you required to do to access some computers and programs?

What name is given to the instrument used as a signalling device by reflecting the sun's rays?

When was the Nintendo Game Boy launched?

When was the first space satellite, Telstar, launched?

Which of these is a hard semi-precious stone?

A compound of two nitrogen atoms to one of oxygen is known asÖ

When was the term 'computer chip' introduced?

Tin and which other metal are alloyed to make up pewter?

What does the 'P' stand for in the computing term 'IP Address'?

What does the 'A' stand for in the computing abbreviation 'LAN'?

Which sort of energy conversion takes place in a dynamo?

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