Technology Quiz 11

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Of what form of communication are PAL, SECAM and N.T.S.C. widely used formats?

What recording innovation was introduced in 1958?

What type of weapon is a modern Tomahawk?

What is the alternative name for the large intestine?

In the world of X-rays, what do the initials CT stand for?

Something we see everyday on our bank and credit cards was invented by Dennis Gabor. What is it?

Which of these is a type of port you'd find on your PC?

Which of these words is NOT part of the acronym ASCII?

What do LEDs emit?

What is the diameter of a CD?

What is the Macintosh computer named after?

In computing, how many bytes are there in a nibble?

The sweetener saccharin is made from what?

Which F is a measure of beer?

A nilometer measures the rise and fall of what?

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