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Which scissors with serrated blades are used in dressmaking?

Which company is behind 'Similar Images' and 'Timeline'?

Which English city inaugurated its Supertram system in 1994?

What does the letter 'E' stand for in e-mail?

What was ENIAC the first example of in 1946?

The first color photocopier was introduced in 1973, in which country?

Which of these is NOT something associated with using the internet?

When was taking photos made easier by the introduction of the Kodak Instamatic camera?

Which company produces the Acrobat Reader software?

In which year were the Betamax and VHS video systems introduced in Japan?

Which of these is the symbol for the computer operating system Linux?

Which of these arcade games was launched in 1978?

Which video game system was the first to use DVD technology?

For which gaming platform did Nintendo release Super Mario Sunshine?

What was the name of the new typewriter launched by IBM in 1960?

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