A quiz covering everything related to the latest in techology and recent advances.

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Which of these abbreviations is a computing term?

What is the name of the device that converts the acoustic energy of sound waves into waves of electrical energy?

What type of acid is usually found in car batteries?

What useful tool was invented by Charles Moncke?

How many feet are there in a fathom?

Which sort of energy conversion takes place in an electric motor?

Where in the UK is the nuclear power station Dounreay?

What does the computer abbreviation 'HTTP' stand for?

Which of these Windows versions did Microsoft release most recently?

In April 2007, which milestone sales figure did Apple's iPod achieve?

"What disease is called ""La Rage"" by the French?"

Who discovered penicillin?

Which of these might interest an astronomer?

If you suffer from epistaxis, what is wrong?

An isohel on a map joins areas of equal...

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