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Which of the following symptoms is NOT potentially part of paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity, or “storming”?

With a patient who is agitated following a TBI, which of the following recommendations might you make as a clinician?

Your client is in a coma post a motorcycle accident. When performing any intervention, what should you pay special attention to?

Which of the following is true regarding postconcussion syndrome?

Your most recent client has sustained a severe TBI and is rated at a Rancho level of II, an early stage in TBI recovery. Which of the following interventions would NOT be appropriate?

Which of the following statements is true regarding assessing clients who are at intermediate and advanced levels?

When is the rehabilitative model used more often over a compensatory approach in TBI recovery?

As a person comes out of a coma, which would be an important initial area to address?

In order to address the existence of a visual neglect through a rehabilitative approach, how would a clinician set up an activity?

Since people with TBIs may have trouble with carryover of information, which approach will assist with learning new skills, such as transfers and ADL tasks?

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