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According to FIFA, the goalposts and crossbars must be what color?

Allianz Park is home to which English Rugby Union team?

Andre Agassi's father represented which country at the Olympics in boxing?

At the 1984 Olympics, Britain's Neil Adams won a silver medal in which sport?

Britain's men won gold at the 1988 Olympics, in which sport?

Carl Frampton is managed by which former boxer?

Carl Lewis won his third successive title at the 1992 Olympics in which event?

Clive Lloyd played test cricket for which national side?

Cricket legend, Fred Trueman, was known by what nickname?

Cricket pitches are how many yards in length?

General George Patton competed in the Olympics in which sport?

Herschelle Gibbs famously hit six sixes in an over against which nation at the 2007 World Cup?

How many goals did Detroit Red Wings player Shanahan score in the 1996-97 season?

How many goals did Oleg Salenko score versus Cameroon in the 1994 World Cup?

"The king, the master, my idol", is a quote by Muhammad Ali, referring to which boxer?

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